“Cheesus” Strikes again

Lending more and more credit to my theory of cheese being divine, a Texas couple has discovered a Cheeto that they claim resembles a praying Jesus. You may remember some time ago there was another “Cheesus” report, with the same snack food. I think it’s only fair that we now refer to cheese in a “royal” fashion, and always present it’s glorious reference with a capital “C”.

Cheese, Cheese, glorious Cheese.

I’m tellin’ ya…it’s all about the cheese

Dateline Spartanbug.

Linda Lowe was hungry for something cheesy and her boyfriend Dupree obliged by whipping up a “cheese on toast snack” (aka…open faced grilled cheese). “It came out just exactly like that. I didn’t do anything special,” Gilbert said. “The Lord works in mysterious ways, but I don’t think there’s any magic to it. But it is a reminder that the Lord is with you every day of your life.”

Open face jesus grilled cheese

Now, I really have to wonder about this cheese thing. Traditional grilled cheese, open faced, cheese flavored chips…there’s a pattern here. Is Jesus trying to tell us that the Lactose intolerant folks are damned? Hmm…

“And finally, tonight…”

First, I was under no illusion that this blog was an original concept (cataloging sightings into one easy to find location), but, someone has put together a nice video montage of the concept…I’m glad someone has copious amounts of free time.

“I’m Walking on Jesus…Ohh Yeahh!”

A Las Vegas woman claims shes had Jesus under her feet for the last 3 years. She first noticed the image after her retina detached and her recovery process involved keeping her head down for three weeks. Apparently all that time looking at the floor caused her finally discover the image in every single one of the tiles in her kitchen floor.

Her Brother must be a bigger Jesus freak than she is, because he blamed her detached retina on the fact she’d been treading on The Big Cheese for years.

I just can’t get the melody from that song “Walkin On Sunshine” out of my head.

Gibson and Fender…Suckit! Jesus plays Washburn

Jesus on a guitar Apparently Jesus us a music fan, but both Gibson and Fender have failed to please the the Great Cheesy One. When He isn’t out healing people or turning water to wine, Jesus likes to play his power chords on a Washburn.

And, if the image on the guitar isn’t clear enough, maybe it’s because Jesus just took his motorcycle helmet off and is looking a little ragged. According to the guitars owner, “It also reminds me of my brother, he’s a biker.”